Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—November 2022 marks the one-year anniversary of the Intelligent Automation for Business Innovation Program, a collaboration between GLOBIS and Saudi Telecom Company (STC). Three representatives of GLOBIS–the Deputy Dean of GLOBIS University, the CEO of GLOBIS Europe, and the Business Development Officer of GLOBIS Europe–will visit Saudi Arabia to celebrate this milestone.

The Intelligent Automation for Business Innovation Program is a four-session course that began online in 2021 and has since been held three times in person at STC headquarters in Riyadh. The program introduces intelligent automation, robotics, and the core GLOBIS concept of Technovate thinking for practical digital transformation, business strategy, and decision-making.

STC, the largest telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia, is rapidly growing to support key infrastructure development. It offers telecommunications, IT, fintech, digital media, and cybersecurity services. As GLOBIS expands in the EMEA region, it is a proud partner in STC’s digital transformation.

Since its foundation in 1992, GLOBIS has fostered a vision to create and innovate societies by fostering management ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge. Today, the company is involved in a range of activities, from higher education and corporate training to venture capital. GLOBIS also operates the G1 Institute and the KIBOW Foundation, both non-profit organizations to promote creativity and innovation in society. The GLOBIS MBA and corporate training programs are offered both online and in person across Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand, the USA and Europe. GLOBIS University is the proud home of Japan’s No. 1 MBA and is rapidly growing to claim this title for all of Asia.

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