We Pave the Way for Creation and Innovation
The establishment of GLOBIS Asia Pacific in Singapore marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower the next generation of business leaders in the region. As a leading provider of MBA and training programs in Japan, we're excited to bring our expertise closer to our students and customers in Asia Pacific. With a focus on practical knowledge and skills, we're committed to helping current and future leaders thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape driven by technology and innovation.
Our Vision

We believe that everyone has the potential for self-fulfillment and leadership, no matter where you are from―that is one of our fundamental philosophies we follow at GLOBIS. But even if someone were to have that potential, it’s still difficult to know where to start your journey.

For the last three decades we have empowered leaders through an ecosystem of people, capital, and knowledge. We have strived to foster a community of professionals devoted to developing their kokorozashi―personal missions that allows one to unify passion and skills to have a positive impact in society. Throughout their journeys of self-discovery we have witnessed thousands develop confidence, motivation, and perseverance to innovate in their companies, countries, and the world.

Our vision is for people, capital, and knowledge to play a pivotal role in finding ways to solve global problems, inspiring even more individuals to find, and accomplish their kokorozashi.

With GLOBIS Asia Pacific, we continue the GLOBIS mission to support ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge to ultimately leave a positive impact and contribute to the future of business.

We look forward to serving you!

Our Story

From a humble rented classroom in 1992 to becoming Japan’s largest business school, our journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Fuelled by our vision to create and innovate, we’ve fostered management ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge that have helped more than 3,800 companies with training and HRD solutions.

Now, we’re excited to extend our commitment to Asia, where we aim to inspire a new generation of kokorozashi-driven business leaders through outstanding educational opportunities. The future is bright, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Our History

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Takashi Tsutsumi CEO, GLOBIS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
CEO, GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd.
CEO, GLOBIS Thailand Co., Ltd.
Empowering leaders from Asia to drive innovation beyond borders
To create a better society, we need leaders who are driven by kokorozashi - a personal mission - and are innovative and creative. As Southeast Asia's presence in the global economy continues to expand, its leaders are expected to show even greater initiative.

This is where GLOBIS comes in - we work closely with companies that are localizing their operations in Southeast Asia, assisting them in executing their strategies and building their organizations.In addition, our "Pre-MBA" course equips business professionals in Singapore with practical skills and a network for life.

Our ultimate goal at GLOBIS is to create a society where Asian leaders can thrive and play an active role in shaping a better world, no matter where they are in the world.
Yoshito Hori President and Founder, GLOBIS Corporation
President, GLOBIS University
Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners
Japan's #1 MBA program driving growth in Asia Pacific
With GLOBIS Asia Pacific, we’re opening a new chapter in expanding our services on a global scale. Despite these unprecedented times, our mission to pave the way for creation and innovation remains unchanged.

In the Asia Pacific, we will continue our mission by connecting our three core pillars: people, capital, and knowledge. Through these, we foster unique business ecosystems and support visionary leaders.
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Our Team