“GLOBIS Asia Pacific (hereinafter “GLOBIS Asia Pacific”), recognizes the importance of complying with laws and regulations governing the protection of personal information and safeguarding privacy to ensure the safe and secure use of our services. Therefore, we have established a system for promoting compliance and developed internal regulations in our commitment to handle personal information with the utmost care.”

Yoshito Hori

Founder and president of GLOBIS

Usage of Personal Information

GLOBIS uses personal information within the following parameters in the course of providing services and conducting the business operations of GLOBIS Asia Pacific.

Providing services associated and performing tasks in our business, such as confirming applications and handling the payment of fees:

  • To confirm applications to our services such as GLOBIS Asia Pacific
  • To confirm applicants satisfy qualifications for services that require such qualifications
  • To provide the services for which customers have applied
  • To deliver books, instructional materials and other products to customers
  • To send invoices to customers for purchased services and products
  • To send brochures and other documents requested by customers
  • To confirm registrations for events and seminars to ascertain the status of attendance

Improving services and developing new business services:

  • To determine the level of quality and customer satisfaction for services through questionnaires and interviews
  • To research the needs and requirements for new services related to customer characteristics through questionnaires and interviews
  • To statistically analyze service records and questionnaires to collect aggregated, non-personal information for the purpose of assessing marketing strategies

Providing information and related services that may be useful to customers:

  • To provide information on related services, events and seminars targeting previous users of our services (e.g., providing email magazines and pamphlets)
  • To provide information on services, events and seminars that may be useful to customers and business partners who have provided their business cards when participating in our events, seminars or business meetings. (e.g., providing email magazines and pamphlets)
  • To share aggregated, non-personal data on demographics and characteristics of previous service users to explain our services to third parties

Website Policies

GLOBIS Asia Pacific websites contain links to other sites. Clicking on one of these links will transfer the visitor to the websites of our partners, advertisers and others. Be aware that the privacy policies of these other parties may differ from ours, and GLOBIS Asia Pacific bears no responsibility for them. Please read the privacy policies of each website which is linked to ours.

The GLOBIS Asia Pacific website uses cookies for the following purposes. A “cookie” is a piece of data that Web servers install on a user’s system.

  • To confirm membership for exclusive services that require log-in
  • To analyze website access, including the numbers of visitors
  • To display customized website content

You can stop cookies being downloaded on to your computer by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. However please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of the Site. There is more information about cookies, including how to delete them on the website www.aboutcookies.org.

Types of data to be collected:

GLOBIS Asia Pacific collects information of the following categories.

Various kinds of information that you provide at the time of making an application, such as name, country of residence, sex, date of birth and e-mail address.

Provided, however, that you will remain anonymous until personal information is entered in a form or the like.

In addition, advertisements such as banner ads may also use cookies according to their own privacy policies. You should review the policies for the use of cookies of these advertisements.

GLOBIS Asia Pacific may retain information pertaining to you for as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, or until a specific request is made to erase such data.

GLOBIS Asia Pacific websites use SSL encrypted communication to ensure secure data transmission for pages in which personal information has been provided for inquiries, applications or member log-in pages. SSL is a transmission protocol for data transmission between a Web server and client browsers.

In regard to member log-in pages, users are strongly urged to carefully manage their IDs and passwords. Careless misuse or disclosure of IDs and/or passwords can lead to the leaking of your information.

Please exercise appropriate judgment whenever disclosing your personal information or any other important information when using services that are open to many users, such as message boards and mailing lists offered by GLOBIS Asia Pacific.

Generally, no one is under a statutory or contractual obligation to provide any personal information. However, if some personal information, such as application details, is not provided, we may be unable to provide the requested services.

Governing law and court with jurisdiction:

Each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts all disputes relating to this privacy policy and/or the use of this website.

Sharing of Personal Information

GLOBIS Asia Pacific may share personal information it has acquired with GLOBIS group*.

*GLOBIS refers to the following company, subsidiaries, affiliates and related entities: GLOBIS Corporation, GLOBIS Capital Partners & Co., the Educational Corporation of GLOBIS University and GLOBIS China Co., Ltd., GLOBIS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., the Educational Corporation of GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd., GLOBIS Thailand Co., Ltd., GLOBIS USA Inc., GLOBIS Europe BV, G1 Institute, and General Incorporated Foundation KIBOW.”

Personal information that may be shared

Names, contact information (addresses, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers), records of inquiries, interviews, applications, entrance exams, admissions and graduation, course transcripts, leaves of absence, suspensions and expulsions.

The extent of entities with whom information may be shared

GLOBIS Corporation, the Educational Corporation of GLOBIS University and the Educational Corporation of GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd.

Purpose of shared use

Offering information on / providing / improving and enhancing services for the business school, corporate training, graduate school of management and other related services

Administrator for shared use

GLOBIS Corporation

Provision of Information to Third Parties

GLOBIS Asia Pacific does not provide personal information to any third party apart from business partners that have agreed to properly handle said information strictly for the purposes mentioned above and the aforementioned shared users, except under the following situations:

  • When the customer has explicitly granted their consent in advance to disclose this information
  • When we need to confirm the authenticity and validity of accounts with financial institutions, etc., for settling payment for service
  • When we are required to do so under the law

Security Measures

GLOBIS Asia Pacific takes every reasonable action to protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, change and leakage.

GLOBIS Asia Pacific may provide personal information to business partners that have agreed to properly handle said information strictly for the purposes mentioned above.

GLOBIS Asia Pacific exercises necessary and appropriate supervision over its employees and business partners. Furthermore, we regularly conduct reviews to improve our compliance promotion system, preventive measures and the supervision of employees, and business partners to which GLOBIS Asia Pacific may outsource operations.

Disclosure, Correction, and Discontinuation of Use, etc.

GLOBIS Asia Pacific makes every effort to maintain the accuracy and currency of personal information we have obtained, and we promptly respond to customer requests to disclose, correct or terminate the use of information once the identity of the customer has been verified.

Some of the services provided by GLOBIS Asia Pacific permit users to access and update their personal information on a website specifically set up for this purpose.

GLOBIS Asia Pacific relies on its legitimate interests, described above, to process your data. GLOBIS Asia Pacific may also process Other Information that constitutes your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes and you have a right to object to GLOBIS Asia Pacific’s use of your Personal Data for this purpose at any time, as well as a right to have such information erased.

For more information please contact the person in charge of each service or submit your inquiry via the email address below.


By using the site, you consent to the collection, use and processing of your personal information by us in the manner and for the uses described in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. We reserve the right to make changes to these policies as appropriate.

Privacy Administrator

Takashi Tsutsumi, the GLOBIS Asia Pacific Compliance Committee Administrator, #29-02, 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore.


For inquiries on GLOBIS Asia Pacific’s Privacy Policy and its initiatives to protect personal information, please contact inq@globis.sg


Updated April 25, 2023