Revolutionise Business Education with AI and Technovate

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

18:45 - 20:30 (Singapore Standard Time)


Seminar Synopsis:
Join us in this exclusive GLOBIS networking seminar to gain insights from the entrepreneurial & visionary Founder of Japan’s No.1 MBA programme and leading venture capitalist, Mr. Yoshito Hori. Delve into the compelling GLOBIS Vision aimed at catapulting global education by reshaping business learning & development through the revolutionary fusion of AI and Technovation.

Seminar Details

In this exclusive hybrid networking seminar, immerse yourself in the captivating journey of Mr. Yoshito Hori, as he unveils the extraordinary narrative behind the creation of GLOBIS University – Japan’s unrivaled No.1 MBA program. As an adept venture capitalist with a hands-on approach, Mr. Hori has steered numerous startups, including Japanese unicorns Mercari and Smartnews, through GLOBIS Capital Partners.

Expect an enriching session filled with Mr. Hori’s invaluable experiences and insights for both personal career development and entrepreneurial endeavors. The seminar promises engaging discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and ample networking opportunities, all accompanied by complimentary refreshments.

Don’t miss this chance to glean wisdom from Mr. Hori, a revered figure in Japan’s business landscape, and connect with like-minded professionals passionate about entrepreneurship, education, technology, and innovation.

※Limited available capacity, with refreshments and drinks provided on-site. Secure your spot now!

About the speaker: Yoshito Hori

Yoshito Hori, a Harvard MBA graduate and former Sumitomo Corporation employee, founded GLOBIS Management School in 1992, which gained University status from the Japanese government in 2006. Offering programs such as a Full-time MBA in English since 2012, GLOBIS is now Japan’s No. 1 business school by student intake.

Hori also established GLOBIS Capital Partners in 1996, managing over USD $2 billion across seven funds. He has been pivotal in various organizations, including founding EO Japan Chapter and serving on the World Economic Forum’s committees. Featured on Forbes covers, he launched the G1 Summit and the G1 Institute, fostering better Japan through initiatives like Project KIBOW for disaster recovery.

Beyond business and education, Hori is deeply engaged in community and sports initiatives, including owning the Ibaraki Robots basketball team and Ibaraki Broadcasting System. He has produced events like LuckyFes music festival and serves as an ambassador for Mito City and Ibaraki Prefecture. Holding degrees from Kyoto University and Harvard Business School, Hori is also an author and family man, finding joy in swimming and time with his wife and five sons.



Tuesday, April 23, 2024


18:45 - 20:30 (Singapore Standard Time)

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GLOBIS Asia Campus, Asia Square Tower 2, #29-02

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