Program Benefits
 settings (2)
Online learning that fits your
busy schedule.
 goal (3)
Learn and apply new business skills
in just 6 weeks.
 Group 250 (1)
Cutting-edge business education
that doesn’t break the bank.
Online Learning with GLOBIS nano-MBA Program Benefits
Live Classes
Video Lectures: Basic Theory & Concepts
Video Lectures: Real World Applications
Comprehension Exercises & Capstone Case Study
Review & Share
Live Group Work
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How to Study Live Classes
Gain practical business knowledge and in-depth industry insights from GLOBIS faculty.
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Two 90-Minute Classes
Join your tutor on Zoom in weeks 01 and 06 to learn about theory and concepts relating to your course.
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Real-Time Insights
Classes happen in real time, giving you the opportunity to interact and ask questions of GLOBIS faculty.
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Interactive Discussion
Connect with fellow students in breakout groups to deepen your understanding.
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How to Study Video Lectures: Basic theory & concepts
Gain practical business knowledge and in-depth industry insights from GLOBIS faculty.
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Access to GLOBIS Unlimited
Improve your baseline knowledge of fundamental theories and concepts through bite-sized videos on GLOBIS Unlimited.
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Focused Learning
Review key learning points to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts.
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How to Study Video Lectures: Real world applications
Learn how to apply the theories and concepts you’ve learned through real-world scenarios and case studies.
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Level Up Your Knowledge
Accelerate your professional development with tips on how to apply key concepts to your work and daily life.
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Expert Perspectives
Benefit from your tutor’s business experience and industry expertise as you learn.
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How to Study Comprehension Exercises & Capstone Case Study
Consolidate what you have learned through comprehension exercises and a Capstone case study.
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Put Learning into Practice
Apply your learning and hone your practical skills by tackling exercises that simulate difficult workplace scenarios.
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Immediate Feedback
Get immediate feedback on your answers with the help of GLOBIS’ innovative AI. In case you aren't satisfied with your answer, you can resubmit it.
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Test Your Understanding
Tackle a comprehensive case study in Week 05 to test your knowledge and skill development. Receive individual feedback from your tutor to understand your progress.
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How to Study Review & Share
Connect with your fellow students and reflect on your learning in our supportive discussion forums.
Two-90-Minute-Classes 1 (4)
Learning Reflection
Improve your knowledge retention and understanding of how to apply your learning to your work by reflecting on each week’s insights.
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Different Points of View
Enrich your learning and gain different perspectives by participating in the student community.
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Community Support
Post your main takeaways and start a discussion with your classmates to further your understanding of the topic and accelerate your learning.
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How to Study Live Group Work
Broaden your perspective and learn from diverse points of view in discussion with your classmates in co-working sessions.
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Share insights
Join a live Zoom group session at a time that is convenient for you. Get to know your classmates, share your ‘a-ha!’ moments, and impressions of the course.
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Get a broader perspective
Exchange your thoughts and opinions to not only deepen your understanding but also to learn how other people are applying their learning in daily life.
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Build a Global Network
Meet people from different personal and professional backgrounds, and from all over the world.
Leadership-Career-Vision 1
Courses - Now Enrolling Strategic Thinking
Enhance your business decision-making and professional problem-solving skills through live online classes and self-paced learning. Apply strategic thinking to innovate and advance your career.
Karl O'Callaghan Academic Bio
MBA, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, Japan
BA Combined Honours (French & Russian), University of Bradford, UK