Shaping the future of the local subsidiaries abroad

Discovering your potential as an expatriate during your time here!

Embark on a transformative three-month leadership program tailored to ignite your passion for making a meaningful impact abroad.

Designed exclusively for expatriates aspiring to excel on the global stage, this course is meticulously crafted by a GLOBIS lecturer with extensive expatriate experience.

Engage in online sessions where like-minded peers converge, fostering an environment for profound discussions that enhance personal growth and professional development.

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Unlock your potential as an expatriate
What drives your desire to work abroad, and what goals do you aspire to achieve? The limited duration of overseas assignments requires short-term results, but long-term thinking is also critical to ensure the organization thrives, strengthens roots in the community, and grows sustainably for years to come.

But how can you make this a reality? Taking a long-term perspective can be challenging, but it's precisely this step that makes a significant difference in your success.

Join a supportive community of like-minded colleagues who share your commitment to making a meaningful impact as expatriates. Immerse yourself in 90 days of thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions, focusing on the specific challenges faced by expatriates.

Together, let's elevate your growth to the next level and pave the way for a brighter future for yourself and the communities you serve.
Program Overview
Professional Development Activities-Day 1 Group 165 (5) DAY 1
Four Perspectives Necessary for Being Active as an Expatriate
Expatriates who achieve success abroad share a common trait—they refuse to let language and cultural differences become excuses. Additionally, they possess a deep understanding of the distinctions between domestic and international operations, incorporating this awareness into their local strategies.

To enhance your overseas business endeavors, it is essential to be mindful of the 'four gaps between domestic and overseas business in Japan.' These gaps encompass the unique challenges faced when expanding internationally and can significantly impact your business's growth and prosperity.
Professional Development Activities-Day 2 Group 165 (4) DAY 2
Ability to understand different cultures to produce results in a highly diverse organization
To effectively engage with diverse markets, customers, partners, and employees outside of Japan, it is crucial to possess a profound comprehension of your company and foster self-awareness.

Acquiring 'intercultural understanding skills' plays a vital role in comprehending and effectively communicating the true intentions of both yourself and the other party.

These skills are instrumental in facilitating successful interactions and enabling you to thrive in your endeavors abroad
Professional Development Activities-Day 3 Group 165 (3) DAY 3
Harnessing strategic thinking and innovative business models to shape the future of overseas subsidiaries
Expatriates operating on the frontlines abroad often face a multitude of challenges within unfamiliar surroundings.

In such environments, it becomes crucial to avoid becoming trapped in unproductive busyness, instead prioritizing tasks diligently and allocating time towards forward-thinking initiatives.

How can the 'strategic eye' and the 'business model perspective' contribute to this process?
Day 4 Group 165 (2) DAY 4
Financial Perspective for Growing Local Overseas Markets
Expatriates are tasked with adopting a broader perspective in their work compared to their roles in Japan.

A key aspect of this elevated viewpoint lies in the ability to make informed decisions grounded in financial analysis.

What are the fundamental 'financial decision-making skills' essential for driving successful overseas business ventures and achieving tangible results?
Day 5 DAY 5
Building relationships with head office and other offices necessary to drive the business forward
Expatriates play a vital role in formulating strategies that foster synergies between the Japanese head office and other international branches.

To accomplish this, they must grasp the perspectives of the head office and other overseas offices, forging alliances and collaborations.

What are the key elements of 'expatriate leadership' and 'strategies for effectively engaging with the head office' that facilitate progress and success in overseas assignments?
Day 6 Group 165 DAY 6
Refine your own aspirations as an expatriate
In overseas locations, leadership often demands making tough decisions that can test even the limits of objectivity.

Subjective judgment is the last thing one needs in such situations. But what exactly is subjective judgment, and how can you improve and sharpen your subjective judgment skills?

In our final session, we will delve into refining your aspirations as an expatriate, guiding you towards a path of growth and success.
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6 sessions for 3 months
This course is designed for expatriates holding senior managerial positions or higher in overseas locations. The course is delivered online, allowing participants from around the globe to attend.
**Please note that this course currently targets present expatriates.
Online Discussion via Zoom
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